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Racing with the Killer Crews

Those of us with the "killer instinct" enjoy the competition, and all of us have fun on the road trips!

2008 Races

The Killer Bees are formulating our race schedule for the 2008 season.

2007 Races

Sunday Oct 28th - Head of the Fish

Killer Womens Novice Masters Four

Killer Bee Womens Novice Masters Four

What a great time we had in Saratoga Springs - and now more of the rowing clubs in Northern New England, New York and Canada know the Killer Bee name.

What an excellent showing we had - (3) boats raced. Our men's 2x passed a boat, our women's novice master's 4+ came in 2nd, only 1-1/2 seconds behind the first place finishers. Our mixed eight got down the course in fine time with four of the rowers in their second race of the day, in what one rower described as "hurricane" conditions. But, being KILLER Bees, we had no problem with those gusts. Here is a link to the results

Again, we had plenty of fans to help move boats and carry oars, and to cheer "Go Bees" from the shoreline. Our fans are wonderfully loud!

October 19th - 21st - Head of the Charles Regatta

Steve Timpany put a KBRC Men's 4x together in the Directors Challenge Race. JEanette Millard raced ini the Women's 4+ event with her We Can Row breast cancer survivors crew.

October 14th - Pumpkin Paddle

Killer Bee Michele Almstrom has been busy organizing the 2nd Annual Massachusetts Pumpkin Paddle, which was a huge success. There was a Killer Bee group at the race cheering on Bryan Gregoire as he rowed one of the pumpkins to fame! Here is a link to an article which ran on the front page of the Telegram & Gazette.

September 30th - Textile River Regatta

Congratulations to all that competed at the TRR. It was a beautiful day and there certainly were a lot of smiling faces among people wearing yellow and black. KBRC had 12 athletes competing in (3) events as Killer Bees. Our fan club was the best - it was great to have children, spouses, other relatives and friends there to cheer us on.

The results:

Mixed 2x - Gina Navia & Steve Timpany - 30:11.731  - placed 6th/ 7 - (open race - no masters handicap)
Mixed 8+ - Allen Hight, Roger Duval, Jeff Whaley, Anita Wos, Sally O'Connor, Bryan Gregoire, Michele Almstrom, Carole Whaley, coxed by Anne Zettek-Sumner  - 26:06.244  placed 4th/5 - (open race - no masters handicap)

Men's Masters 2x - Jeff Whaley & Lenny Wos - 30:08.035 - placed 6th /6

Great job all - had a blast wearing those distinctive Killer Bee stripes & looking forward to our next race!